We have the experience and detailed local knowledge to provide an accurate and relevant assessment of the true value of all residential and commercial property and with our RICS registered valuer working through our branch network you can be confident that you are working with regulated and qualified professionals who are committed to openness and transparency and are experts in their field, delivering credible and high-quality reports.

We provide formal valuations for tax purposes including Probate IHT, Capital Gains Tax, balance sheet purposes and personal pension requirements. We are on the lending Panels of many banks and specialise in valuations for Matrimonial purposes and all other legal matters.

Our services include but are not limited to the following…

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Professional Services Mortgage Valuations
Professional Services

Mortgage Valuations

We undertake mortgage valuations for a large number of high lenders in Northern Ireland including Danske Bank, Progressive Building Society and First Trust Bank.

Professional Services Private Residential Valuations
Professional Services

Private Residential Valuations

Buying a property is a massive financial commitment, and whether you are purchasing your next home or adding to a portfolio of properties, it is important that you have a survey of the property undertaken. This helps to avoid any nasty surprises and could assist you in negotiating a better deal with the vendor. Our surveys provide a report on the condition of the property and a price valuation, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Professional Services Valuation for Matrimonial Purposes
Professional Services

Valuation for Matrimonial Purposes

We can prepare a valuation report suitable for instructing client(s) and also High Court purposes.

Professional Services Valuation for Probate IHT Purposes
Professional Services

Valuation for Probate IHT Purposes

Every death is untimely and regrettably there is a need to value an estate and this will likely include the valuation of residential, commercial property, land and sites. Again, we have many years of experience in dealing in these matters.

Professional Services Valuation for Tax Purposes
Professional Services

Valuation for Tax Purposes

This could include a Capital Gains Tax Valuation or any other form of retrospective valuation, where the Inland Revenue may be involved. Established generations ago we have records dating back to and including all periods for tax valuation purposes.

Professional Services Retrospective Valuations
Professional Services

Retrospective Valuations

On occasion it will be necessary to provide an opinion as to the value of a property a 'number of years ago'. Our extensive records and experience will be able assist in this matter.

Professional Services Commercial Valuations
Professional Services

Commercial Valuations

We can provide a comprehensive range of professional valuations on all types of commercial property and for all requirements including; company accounts, pension portfolios, bank lending purposes, purchase / sale and development appraisals. We can provide valuations for individual or portfolios of properties throughout Counties Down & Antrim, and across the province.

Professional Services Compulsory Purchase Valuation
Professional Services

Compulsory Purchase Valuation

We have had a wealth of experience over the years in Compulsory Purchase, representing individuals / groups of residents to commercial businesses. In several cases, we have been able to turn what looked like a potentially very damaging scheme, into a positive outcome for our clients. If you wish to discuss a Compulsory Purchase matter, we are happy to assist, whether the Compulsory Purchase involves taking small sections of land to whole sites / properties.

Professional Services Valuations for Miscellaneous Purposes
Professional Services

Valuations for Miscellaneous Purposes

We can provide numerous other types of property related valuations not included with other main headings, examples include Restrictive Covenants, Key Land Situations etc. Please speak to our professional team for further information and advice.

If you have questions or queries about any type of professional valuation we can provide, or would like to request a free no obligation quotation for a professional valuation, please send an email using the form.
Valuations are carried out in a professional, timely and confidential manner by our experienced RICS Registered Valuer or professional valuation team.

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